Saturday 25 April 2020

Pool and prizes - Days 35 & 36

As we are going to be stuck at home for the foreseeable future I bought us a replacement pool which arrived in the morning. I set it up in the garden and my neighbour let me fill it up with her hose. Whilst the water was warming in the sun we walked up the Helm:

This time we went all the way along the ridge and met friends on the way. When we got back I was so hot I tested out the still freezing cold pool:

I had to let the water out whilst in it as the pool was on too much of a slope! My son brought me tea whilst I was there:

I managed to move the pool across the garden and propped up a corner with a yoga mat. I filled it up again whilst watching the BBC's Big Night In. I also found out that I have won an entry into a Lakeland Trails. So fingers crossed I will be revisiting Helvellyn on my son's 14th birthday.  

We had so many deliveries on Friday (oops!) one of which was part of my prize from The University of Every Day Life. This was a delivery of alcohol free beers from the Dry Drinker:

Today's mini task was to sand and paint the loo skirting boards. I had borrowed sandpaper from my dad when passing their house and had spotted the right paint in Asda. It does look so much better:

I definitely felt like I had earned a dip in the pool! It wasn't very warm but it was pretty comfy. My son sort of managed a swim in it:

Then as my daughter was running out of certain supplies I walked up to Asda and enjoyed the bluebells in the lane:

I have to admit I can't wait to give my daughter a huge hug when social isolation is over! Its so hard to be 2 metres apart..

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