Saturday 11 April 2020

PJs and Synchronised Swimming - Day 23

As you may have noticed I have had a few manic days, so I decided to make sure today was a bit more relaxed! I started by experimenting with the water effect to create a synchronised swimming TikTok. Then I ran a shortened gardenrun in my PJs:

I had kept the run short partly because my son had asked to walk up our nearest hill the Helm:

Whilst up there I actually created a singing TikTok! All of the shenanigans are on my YouTube channel:

It was truly stunning up on the Helm and there were very few people around as we deliberately went at lunch time:

When we got back we both fancied an ice cream floater but had no lemonade! My son suggested that could use Magners cider for mine instead. It turned out to be a delicious combination:

As my neighbours have started to paint the fence between our gardens I trimmed down the grass on the edges and did some weeding and moss removing. Still plenty of things I can do with sorting out out there...

A friend had told me that is free again this weekend so I've been adding some extra information to the family tree. Almost a shame its a lovely weekend so I want to be outside and not indoors...


  1. When all this is over I'm seriously considering moving to The Lake District. It's just so beautiful.

  2. You definitely need to visit us!


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