Monday 13 April 2020

It's Raining Men - Day 25

As I couldn't sleep in again I got up and tidied the kitchen before setting up for today's big TikTok. This partly involved lowering my life size Jason Momoa from my bedroom window using a skipping rope:

This was so I could shoot an It's raining men video:

My mission for today was to get my daughter's shopping. I donned a simple outfit but got spotted by a friend who snapped me:

With all the precautions I had to wait for my daughter to carry in the shopping, unpack and return my bags. Plenty of time to get in a quick TikTok dance:

By the time I got back I had definitely earned my salad in the sunshine:

It was far too nice in the back garden so I got out a pack of cards to play 11s solitaire:

I was quite distracted by watching the bedsheets billowing in the wind as they dried:

My son joined me for a few rounds of Uno before I headed out on a combined run and supply drop. I'm tying to complete the Virtual Runner rainbow challenge so wore a red shirt and also donned my fairy wings and tutu:

I do love seeing people's reactions to my fairy wings as I run! 

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  1. Nothing like clean laundry dryng in the sunshine. I'm also doing salads from now on, now that the rain seems to have finished here. xx


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