Thursday 30 April 2020

It's a marathon not a sprint - Days 37-41 #R2BC

My brain has been in a bit of mush this week but at least I have realised that today is Thursday. Thanks for everyone sharing your happy moments last week, I loved reading them. I hope you will join in again this week and encourage others to do so. For anyone new to the linky we have a few relaxed instructions:

What do you have to do? Simple:

1. Link up a post about something that is making you happy or grateful. It can be a list, photos or any way you fancy

2. Add the #R2BC badge (at the end of this post) onto your post or blog so that people can easily find the linky and join in too if they want to

3. Share the love. This is the really important bit. Please don't just link and run, comment on at least a couple of posts and why not share with #R2BC too?

I'll stop by all linked up posts to comment and I'll share on social media too. Meanwhile here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week:

1) Marathon

I didn't want to let down my charity will all my events cancelled. So I used the 2.6 challenge on Sunday as an excuse to run my marathon mostly in my back garden:

With laps of 30 yards it was hard work and after 20 miles I did head out into the countryside to finish it off. The last mile was the hardest and I had to be encouraged by my friends via Facebook. You can see how ecstatic I was to finish:

2) Take away

With impeccable timing our local Chinese has re-opened after putting in social distancing measures. After my marathon my son was able to nip round and collect the meal we had ordered the day before:

Good to be able to support a local business and get a big treat too!

3) Little touches

The downstairs loo still needs some little bits. One of these was to replace the broken towel holder.

It makes such a difference to have the towel not draped on the pipes! I have ordered a replacement toilet seat as the old one was too knackered to fix.

4) Memories

During lockdown I have promised my parents that I will go through the boxes that have been stored in their garage for nearly 10 years (we downsized by about 1/3 in house size!). I have started with a memory box:

The only way to get it all organised is to put photos I want to keep into albums and complete some scrapbooks. Perfect for the current wet weather!

5) Blossom

On a walk around town yesterday we saw how much of the spring blossom is now decorating the ground thanks to the rain:

I leave you with me being brave and singing Hallelujah:

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  1. I like your singing, you have a good voice. I demand the end of Halleuya. And well done on the almost marathon. xxx

  2. celebratingmums1 May 2020 at 18:09

    Heads up that I cannot get into that third entry says the Kate on Thin Ice #r2BC

  3. celebratingmums1 May 2020 at 18:12

    You are both brave and beautiful. You just do stuff and I so admire that about you. The marathon effort is immense and wonderful. I am craving a Chinese as it happens - may have a go at one tomorrow myself of the fakeaway variety at my turn to cook. Why have I never thought about scrapbooking photographs - inspiration for when I get reunited with my albums and boxes and bags of old photos. Have a great week and yes Kate on Thin Ice again #R2BC

  4. I just did so maybe it was temporary or has been fixed.

  5. So many achievements this week, and still awed by your marathon effort xx

  6. I think that chinese was very well deserved, you did an amazing job! x


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