Friday 20 November 2020

Simple St Trinian's Costume

As I am back doing costumes again (due to being quarantined) I thought I would share some in case people are looking for some inspiration. Many of them I have done just with things I have around the house and my actual clothes. Yesterday I went for the St Trinian's look:

  • plain white shirt
  • black pinafore dress (this one was from Sainsbury's a couple of year's ago)
  • school tie (my son's spare one!)
  • two pairs of Snag Tights so that I had colour under my fishnets
  • plimsolls from Shoe Zone


Hair and make-up:
  • bunches and big bow hair clip
  • plenty of eye liner and mascara with smoky eye shadow
  • red lipstick
  • gold hoop earrings