Friday 20 November 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful: Monsoon Season #R2BC

Ojo's World

As our lovely host Jo at Ojo's World has said it is hard to be cheerful when there has been so much tragedy around the world this week. This makes it even more vital that we find some things that have made us smile even whilst our hearts are heavy. Here are mine:

1) No Serious Flooding

Despite dire warnings and the evacuation of residents along the banks of the River Kent the water mostly stayed in the river although a few houses were flooded and paths temporarily vanished:

2) Fascinating Family History

My grandfather was great at keeping all sorts of family memorabilia but we hadn't looked at all of it. This week my mum pulled out this postcard that had been sent to my great grandfather Charles Band in 1909:

A fascinating insight into our ancestors lives with one little cousin suffering from scarlet fever poor thing. The other side is a picture of my great, great grandmother and her home:

4) Rainbows:

5) New Hairdo:

Its such a luxury to go and get a cut and blow dry with Becky at Hair Bazaar: 

I know feel fit enough to mingle with my fellow bloggers at Blogfest and have dinner tonight with the fabulous Michelle who started this linky. Right better shoot off now as I have a train to catch..

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