Tuesday 3 November 2015

Blogfest '15


Due to a combination of lack of money and childcare I have been extremely limited as to which blogging events I have been able to attend. So when I was offered a chance to be sponsored to attend Blogfest 2015 in London I was of course going to say a big YES!

I will be heading down to join in with a breakfast symposium organised by Coca Cola before attending the biggest blogging conference in the UK. This means I am:
  1. excited about meeting some of my online blogging friends for the first time
  2. excited about listening to speakers who can help me build my blog
  3. excited about meeting some amazing brands who are sponsoring the event
  4. nervous - what do I wear? will I come across the same in real life as on the Internet?
Watch the space to find out! If you are going drop a comment and let me know..

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