Saturday 7 November 2015

#CountryKids at Kendal Castle Fireworks

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
We have lived in Kendal for 5 years but had never walked up to the castle on Bonfire Night as it was just not practical. Now we live only 20-25 minutes walk away I had no excuse! My son and I put on warm clothing and waterproof coats, donned our hiking boots and headed over...

Of course we forgot our torches so it was a spooky walk through the cemetery and pitch black the route my son chose up to the castle. It was also rather slippery under foot.. We reached the viewing point and there were already plenty of folks standing around waiting:

My son was wandering around and excited by the fireworks going off around town plus the large bonfire on another hill. He reckoned it was a meteor strike! The weather wasn't at all promising and quite a few folks had their umbrellas in use:

I bumped into a boy that I have been teaching and he let me experiment with taking photographs of his spinning light toy:

After a very long wait we all counted down and the fireworks began:

We were right at the front so could appreciate the castle ruins being lit up by the explosions:

As you can see the fireworks created their own fog bank in the drizzle but we could still enjoy the colours and shapes:

It did make for some funky effects though. I reckon this one looks like a map of stars:

There was a whole range of different fireworks with some high and large whilst others were loud and low:

Every time we thought they had finished more went up:

Having only seen them from a distance in the past I have to say I was very impressed:

Leaving the display turned into an interesting exercise as the volume of people plus rain had created a very slippery surface. I was glad of our hiking boots. One lass ended up going for a slide right next to us. Another ended up being carried off the hill by Mountain Rescue. It was a relief to get back down to solid ground! Worth the effort though.

I was very sorry to hear that a young girl was taken to hospital from the display after her coat caught fire. Hopefully the hospital can make her comfortable.

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