Monday 22 August 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 17/214 Grisedale Pike


After finishing at Workington parkrun, I decided to nip up Grisedale Pike on my way home. Of course I was fully kitted out as its 790m of elevation to the summit. I had been part way up whilst videoing the Grisedale Grind in 2019 but hadn't made to the top (this seems to be a common theme!) so I knew the basic route up. It was a shock to get to the car park and discover it was closed! A lovely lady at the main Whinlatter visitor centre assured me that the footpath was still accessible and explained the route:

Grisedale Pike

The trail is easy to follow as the Forestry Commission put in plenty of signs and maintain the access:

Grisedale Pike

parkrun Tourism: Workington #19: 25/6/2022

Video at the bottom.

When I first attempted to complete all the Cumbrian parkruns, it was the two West coast ones that I didn't get to due to travel time. Due to all the lakes and fells you have to take a long way round and it took me well over an hour to get to Workington leisure centre to park my car. Signs then took me over the river Derwent to the start on the far side:


Being a long established parkrun (June 2013) there were was plenty of signage to show that you were in the right place:

Sunday 21 August 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 16/214 Baystones


On the 11th of June I was in Ambleside as I had taken part in the Lake District Challenge 10k around Loughrigg:

Lake District Challenge 10k

I decided to make the most of the included car parking to add another Wainwright to my list. This meant finishing what I had started a few years earlier when I had climbed Wansfell Pike and getting to Baystones which is just behind. My eldest joined me for a walk through Ambleside and up through the Stock Ghyll woods:

Wansfell Pike hike

With Wansfell being one of the most popular fells the initial path way is well trodden and has been stepped. Its quite a slog up and my son's knee wasn't up to finishing it but luckily I fell in with a fellow solo hiker:

Saturday 20 August 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 14 & 15/214 Little & Great Mell Fells


As I was at the top of the county already for Talkin Tarn Country Park parkrun, I decided to add a couple of outlying Wainwrights: Little Mell Fell and Great Mell Fell. They are between Ullswater and the A66 and often only walked by folks trying to get the 214 set. I didn't do a great research job and missed the easy parking for Little Mell Fell and ended up much lower down than I needed to be. Undaunted I set off up the path to get to the 505m summit, when I saw the parking bay I so wished I had parked there and just had the almost straight up path:

Little Mell Fell

Friday 19 August 2022

parkrun Tourism: Talkin Tarn Country Park (Brampton) #18: 4/6/2022


On June the 4th, I headed up to Talkin Tarn Country Park outside of Brampton in the north of Cumbria. This was a bit of an adventure as I had only been up this way when visiting Hadrian's Wall. There was ample parking and a free parking permit for parkrunners. After over an hour of driving it was a relief to have plenty of decent loos too! I should have checked the parkrun's Facebook page to know that it was a special Jubilee event and they even had the Brampton town crier as starter and marshal:

Talkin Tarn country park parkrun

The course is a two lapper and it starts inside the woodland. This made for quite a congested start as there was a large touring group from the NE. I had to walk for the first minute. My video of the run is here.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 10-13/214 Nethermost Pike to Raise (Helvellyn)


On the 28th May I had the excuse of filming another fell race to head up to Helvellyn. I chose the option of going on the bus to do a linear hike. This meant jumping off the 555 at Wythburn Church along the side of Thirlmere reservoir. 

For quick version nip to the bottom and play the YouTube video!

This is a less well known path which went through the forest before opening out onto the hillside with views of Thirlmere. I was glad of excuses to pause a take pics:


I wasn't in a hurry and it took me close to 2 hours to get to the summit of Nethermost Pike which was rather underwhelming despite being the 9th highest Wainwright at 890m:

Nethermost Pike

Behind me was the iconic Helvellyn, which at 950m is the 3rd highest Wainwright, and the location I was intending to film. On my way to the summit I could see how many folks were taking the infamous Striding Edge route:

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 8 & 9/214 Sale Fell and Ling Fell


On the 14th of May I headed up to Sale Fell to film the Netherhall AC Two Tops Fell race. The fell is close to Buttermere not far from the A66.

I kept going slowly up the hill side getting up higher with every race as the distances increased. The summit was reached just as the first seniors made it to the top and as I descended towards Ling Fell the runners were coming back up:

Sale Fell

This was my video footage of the races:

As the runners had all passed me I could take my time going up Ling Fell. It was a hot day and it was pretty steep so I was glad to take it easy. The fell was very peaceful and I hardly saw anyone else.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

parkrun Tourism: Fleetwood Promenade #17: 12/2/2022

It has been too long since I updated my blog so I am catching up! Back on the 12th of February I had an early start on a cold, wet day to get to Fleetwood Promenade parkrun. I wasn't sure I had found it at first as I was quite early and not many folks were around!

The course runs along the sea front and is there and back again along the path. As I was there on a wet day I didn't manage to take pics and my video ended up being rubbish... I may have to go back one sunny day!

With having only just got out of my ankle brace I was pleased with the time:
Fleetwood Promenade parkrun12/02/2022206034:5548.59%

The run was my NENDY and filled out that annoying gap on my parkrun map!