Monday 14 November 2011

Monday Book Review: Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Picnic on the Moon

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I was sent a copy of this to review with my 5 year old son. We had watched a few episodes of the TV show so he had some idea of the characters in the book. Sometimes my son can be a reluctant reader but when I said the magic words "it's a sticker book" he was on my lap in a trice!

The sticker pages easily detach from the centre of the book due to perforations which made it much more straight forward to use them in the story. On most of the pages there is a circle with instructions as to which stickers to use on that bit of the story. The first time through the stickers help to complete the story by filling in the gaps.

My son especially enjoyed the jelly fight scene and putting lots of stars "mine's the biggest one mummy" on the page where the rocket manages to leave the moon:

The stickers could be re-positioned without damage if they had been stuck in the wrong place (a common occurrence with an excited child!). I even found that 5 hours later I could peel and re-stick some. 

At an RRP of £4.99 this would make a good stocking filler for any Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom fans. The story can be read over and over but obviously the stickers only really get used the first time. It's published by Ladybird books and has lovely graphics which really appeal to its target audience.

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