Monday 28 November 2011

Monday Review: Notalie Doll

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I was asked to review the new Notalie doll which is aimed at tween age girls like my daughter. This is what the blurb that comes with the doll says:

Who is Notalie?

Notalie is a new concept in dolls, ‘the companion doll’. Standing head and shoulders above other dolls, she measures 1 metre tall. She has a unique appearance, with the look of a bored ‘tween’. Her long arms and legs have large ‘knotty’ elbows and knees. She is a soft, plush toy which means she loves to be hugged.

Notalie lets girls be girls for longer

The sexualisation of children is very much in the news today and a phenomenon known as ‘age compression’ means that girls are growing up too fast. They are rejecting conventional dolls as early as seven years of age. Dolls are seen as babyish whilst computer games are ‘cool’. This means that girls are missing out on essential creative play which enables them to remain children for longer and to develop at a proper rate.
This is where Notalie comes in. She is carefully designed to look like the girls who will play with her and because she is so tall, she is immediately embraced as one of the gang. She’s feisty and funny and can share jewellery, hair accessories and be part of a girl’s life, whatever she is doing. She’s a true best friend.

With an 8 year old daughter who fluctuates between being a little girl and trying to be a teenager Notalie sounded perfect. I have to say my daughter was very excited to see Notalie sitting waiting for her when she came home. She was intrigued to find a doll with knots tied in her arms and legs who was almost as tall as she is.

For the first outing my daughter managed to tie Notalie round her waist and hold her in place with her jacket so that they could go scooting with her:

After all that excitement my daughter was happy to curl up with Notalie for a good night story and cuddle her all night. They did look very cute when I went in to wake them up for school:

Notalie is really good for a girl to treat as a best friend to to things with together or tell their secrets to. On the website Notalie says:

I’m loving…………………

My best friends, fashion, making craft stuff, sleepovers, cooking, shopping, my blog, the colour pink, Christmas pressies, finding out about the world and being a girl.

I’m loving……………..not!

Bullies, meanies, tidying my room, cricket on the TV, maths……….and my little brother!

Apart from maths this is just like my daughter so no wonder they are getting on fine!

One day last week I ended up carrying Notalie to school to meet my daughter. She drew lots of curious glances and many other mums thought she was a fabulous idea. I did enjoy sharing a cappuccino with Notalie at Wilf's cafe:

I think the idea of Notalie is a fabulous one. My daughter is getting a bit too old to play with her "baby" dolls but is still young enough to enjoy imaginative play. I don't see her tiring of Notalie soon (just don't tell her that you can get Notalie's dog Hitch too!).

If you would like one of these dolls for your daughter for Christmas you need to be quick as they've only made 600 this year (our doll was number 6!). Pop over to the website before 12th December and for £45 she can be ordered.  

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