Saturday 5 November 2011

Otters in the River Kent

On Wednesday I heard through my Blipfoto friends that there had been otter sightings in the River Kent at Kendal. A gauntlet was laid down by another local Gladders to be the first one to capture one as our daily blip.

Yesterday I espied a lady on the banks of the river taking photographs as I headed home at lunch time. Being an inquisitive person I glanced over and realised she was photographing an otter! What a result after less than 24 hours of the challenge so I whipped out my trusty iPhone and spent at least 10 minutes trying to capture it for myself.... turns out photographing otters isn't easy.

Luckily the otter seemed to enjoy the attention and kept popping up, looking at us then diving down again. There was a cheeky little grin at times as he looked at us looking at him. I could quite happily have stayed there all afternoon watching him and taking photos. Here is a taste of what I took:

First peek

Diving down

Cropped close up of the cheeky grin
This was the first time I had even seen an otter in the wild and I was enchanted. Great news on the health of our local river that it is seeing more and more of these lovely animals. I'll be back for more...

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