Tuesday 15 November 2011

Education City

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I first came across EducationCity.com when I was a school IT technician in East Sussex. Several of my schools subscribed to it and in some of these the parents could also sign up so that their children could use it outside school. I have been running an advert for them on my blog as its a product that I can endorse from personal experience.

Today I received an e-mail laying out some exciting news from the company:

Play Live Maths (available and suitable to children from Year 1 to Year 7) is an exciting addition to EducationCity.com encouraging children to practice their maths skills by taking part in an engaging multiplayer online game.

Players have 60 seconds to answer as many Maths questions (appropriate to their age level) as they can by playing against the clock and against other users. It’s an interactive mental math challenge where your children take on the world. They’ve got 60 seconds to prove they’ve got what it takes, working against the clock to beat their opponents. It’s all in the speed, but they’ll need to be careful too. Make a mistake, and they’ll lose one of their three precious lives. Lose all three and they’ll be knocked out of the race altogether!

EducationCity.com has recently been shortlisted for 3 British Education and Training Technology (BETT) awards making it an ideal digital stocking filler for Christmas shoppers that want to give their children a fun present with real educational benefit.

We currently have a Christmas voucher code “perfectpresent” which saves £5 off per family at checkout.

Or take out a 10 day trial for free!

I am certainly going to be signing up for my children as its a great additional resource for use at home.

Breaking News:

A report in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper has shown how EducationCity.com has helped children with dyslexia  with their school work.

The home version of EducationCity.com allows children to access fun online games that have been designed around curriculum objectives.

For parents concerned about the content of video games EducationCity.com can provide a refreshing change and is a great digital stocking filler for Christmas.

Using “perfectpresent” at checkout gives my readers £5 off per order and with affiliate payments per trial taken and orders placed there are really good opportunities available in the build up to the festive period.

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