Wednesday 9 November 2011

Haba Mums Club: Savoury Breakfast

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The second item in our latest parcel as Haba Ambassadors was the Savoury Breakfast (RRP £18.99). My daughter had decided that this was her part of the parcel and quickly got the contents out and happily played by herself in a corner with them. The pack contains:

  • 1 breakfast board 
  • 1 roll
  • 1 egg 
  • 2 slices of ham
  • 2 slices of salami 
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • a lettuce leaf

The breakfast board itself is made of melamine and appears to be very robust. It appears tough enough to actually handle a "real" breakfast or a cup of tea.

The set is pretty simple. You choose the fillings you want to put into the (magnetic) bun and if required crack open the egg (I can't for life of me crack it but she does it really easily!:

If you do have the egg in the bun then the magnetic bit doesn't work as the yolk is nice and thick! This was my daughter's favourite combination of simply bacon and egg:

Here she is pretending to eat it:

As with all Haba products this set appears to be very well made. Each piece of food is finely detailed with streaks of fat in the bacon and the seeds in the bun.

My daughter and I were very impressed with the magnetic bun as it ensures that the flat ingredients stay inside and don't slip out. This means that if a child was delivering the breakfast to mum or dad in bed then they are likely to actually receive it!

This is a small part of the available kitchen, grocery and role play range from Haba. It does stand alone quite nicely as an individual part. With children too young to bring their parents a real breakfast in bed its a great way to introduce them to providing little treats. They could then move on to using the board for carrying proper food.

Probably because of the board it's quite a pricey product. I have found it on Amazon for £14.85. If your children are really into food role play then it would be a great investment.

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  1. My little girl has a little egg similar to that one. She is fascinated by opening it and finding the fried egg inside!


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