Wednesday 8 January 2014

Workout Wednesday: Week 1 in 2014 plus Competition with Thinking Slimmer

It's been a while since I did a Workout post as Christmas plays havoc with everything as there are extra activities and then 2 weeks of no school... So here I am in 2014 with my goal of finishing off the job of getting myself fit and healthy. With a wedding to attend at the end of May I've set myself a goal of dropping another dress size by the big day.

By the time the fireworks had gone up on New Year's Eve my belt had got too tight (I blame a Chinese takeaway). So I started 2014 as I mean to go on by going out for a run (in the rain and sleet!). It may not have been the fastest run in the world but I at least tried...

Once I got back home I realised I had been failing to listen to my slimpods for a few weeks so I started listening to them again every night. I also drank the last glass of wine in the house on the 1st January and ditched the booze again for a month. So after a few days my belt once again does up on that last hole even by the end of the day!

One of the things on the slimpods is that you are encouraged to not distract yourself whilst eating i.e. be on laptop or watching TV. So as part of my house sorting I have reclaimed the kitchen table as an eating area and not as a craft, homework or everything else area it became in the run up to Christmas! We had slipped back into bad habits of eating our evening meals in front of the TV which is not good for any of us...

Another thing is to increase our quantity of vegetables and fruit that we consume. This is toughest when you have a small boy who only eats limited varieties but we will get there in the end. My daughter created a 5 a day chart and we aren't allowed a naughty treat unless we have had a minimum of 3. My children are hyper-competitive so hopefully this will spur them and me on for a while until it becomes a habit. It's led to finding creative ways to get veggies into our meals such as my daughter suggesting putting peppers and peas into couscous:

Couscous with peppers and peas

Couldn't get my son to eat it with the veggies in but at least he ate the plain version (minor victory).

I went out yesterday for a much better run but I still have to regain some of the fitness I've lost in 2 weeks. Just hope that doesn't take too long! With a few events signed up to in the spring and summer I need to get my legs going...

The slimpods have been such a help last year that I have signed up as an affiliate. This means that I can offer readers a 15% discount:

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Here is a wonderful success story:

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I've also been given a chance to give away not 1 but 2 of their slimpods to help you lose weight. There are pods for women and men so its good for everyone that feels they need to get slimmer in 2014. So please use the Rafflecopter widget to enter (you have 2 weeks to enter:

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  1. kim plant ‏@xxme2uxx5s
    @LakesSingleMum hi for some reason cant comment on blog but resolution to defo loose weight after having twins xx

  2. to be a kinder person x

  3. My new years resolution is mainly to lose weight. I've been dieting since Oct and am 1st 1lbs down with 3st 6lbs to go!!

  4. My new years resolution is to finally lose weight and get healthy. Luckily there are loads of nice places to go for walks nearby - we also live in Cumbria :)

  5. WifeMumStudentBum10 January 2014 at 10:16

    You're doing fantastic. I am taking a leaf out of your book! Not running yet, but walking. And ditching the booze certainly for Jan - with a view to cutting right down for the full year. Fruit & veg all over the place! I feel (and look) better already. Well done you xxx

  6. maybe we meet for a walk some where :-)

  7. its a good start - I used a couch potato pod from NHS to get running :-) Hopefully just going drink Fri-Sun after this month off..

  8. I don't make resolutions as such but I'm working hard at getting back to my wedding weight after giving birth!

  9. It's to start putting pen to paper and writing stories. I know everyone's is to lose weight but I started that in September and the new year aim is to continue and not to put back on the just under 2 stone I lost

  10. To start being more pro-active. Last year I had my hip replacement op and I got in a bit of a rut where I'd be terrified of cleaning the dishes incase I spilt water and slipped and my implant popped out of place, couldn't carry washing down the stairs because I was terrified of falling. I couldn't put any washing out on the line because I had a fall on the decking and my parents wouldn't allow me to so I just got used to that not being active around the household.So this year I am going to do more and I have been. I do the kitchen when I get up and then put a wash on, have some breakfast, sort out the washing, have a little sit down, have some lunch and then do the living room. I'm quite enjoying it :) Sorry about the paragraph hahaha xx

  11. Let's Talk Mommy10 January 2014 at 17:28

    health and exercise definitely need to be on my new years resolution. No booze either holidays had enough of that. lol I have never been good at keeping my resolutions up but this year I started trying lose the baby weight and getting fit in October to prevent the Christmas 10 I always gain during the holidays.

  12. that sounds like a good double challenge

  13. don't panic! all the best with that

  14. I am reading and commenting with a glass of fizz celebrating my baby's 1st birthday so maybe not best placed at the moment but, I have been for a run and will be doing Bootcamp. Wish me luck!

  15. a glass won't hurt! running is great

  16. chantelle hazelden11 January 2014 at 16:47

    Giving myself a break!! x


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