Sunday 9 January 2011

Wii Just Dance 2 - A challenge!

My Rosemary Conley instruction recommended Wii Just Dance 2 as a great way of boosting our fitness levels and getting in some exercise whatever the weather. As the kids and I had a very generous Christmas present from a cousin I went and ordered the game. This evening I tried it out for the first time and managed 4 routines on the Sweat section for a pretty good 15 minute workout.

There seem to be a lot of people who have also got the game so I thought how about a challenge? So here's the deal over the next week try and get a higher score as possible on track 1 Avril Lavigne – "Girlfriend". Then post your score in the Linky below. There are no prizes just a bit of fun and healthy competition! If this works then next Sunday I'll create a challenge for track 2...


  1. I'm in. I will attempt it sober and see how I go : )

  2. Oh I wish...

    Actually I quite fancy Dance Central for the Kinect. But we don't have either machine, so I'm afraid I'm out.


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