Monday 3 January 2011

Bloggy Moms: Dare 3: Morning Routine

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Today's dare is to talk about our morning routines... this for me is more of an aspiration than a reality. So here is the wishful thinking followed by the reality... 

My alarm goes off and I jump straight out of bed and raring to go
My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button several times before finally crawling out of bed

Whilst I have a shower my kids jump out of bed and get dressed straight away in the clothes they left out the night before
Whilst I shower DD crawls back under the duvet and DS keeps asking where his clean socks/pants/trousers/shirt are

I have plenty of time to get myself dressed and fix my hair and make-up
I spend so much time trying to get DD out of bed that I barely have time to fling any old clothes on and brush my hair

We all sit down at the kitchen table for a nice relaxing healthy breakfast
I am still trying to get DD dressed and trying to establish whether kids want toast or cereal (and which cereal)

I warn the children that we are leaving in 5 minutes so they get their shoes and coats on and pick up their bags that they left by the door the night before
I warn the children that we are leaving in 5 minutes and neither of them moves. 15 minutes later DD starts looking for her shoes and complaining she can't find them. 25 minutes later we finally get in the car to discover that at least 1 child has left their school bag/lunch/coat in the house.

Wonder if I will ever achieve a decent morning routine....

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