Tuesday 11 January 2011

The gallery: body parts!

Interesting theme from Tara this week over at Sticky Fingers with a potentially risky body parts challenge! Here is my offering:

A lovely couple of pairs of feet. Mine and my daughter's taken a few years ago - doubt we'd fit in the bath together now she is so tall!


  1. Wow, that is just gorgeous. The colours and everything are lovely, it has quite a vintage look. It's the unseen bit of the two of you in the bath together too - those are special moments. You should get that framed and put it up in the bathroom!

  2. That picture is brilliant, so much fun captured in one moment! I loved bathing with my children too, although the older two are bigger than me nowadays, we still get in the bath with the toddler :) xx

  3. Lovely pic, Becky. I agree the colours are lovely. Missy Woo is already to get in the bath with. I'm beginning to think that both of mine in the bath at the same time is getting to be a bit of a squeeze. Missy Woo had a bath on her own tonight and she just loved it.

  4. @IAmWitWitWoo: @LakesSingleMum Tried to post comment re. your Gallery pic but it wasn't having it! But lovely photo!


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