Thursday 20 January 2011

How not to do Internet Supermarket Shopping

Regular readers of my blog will know that my kids and I are very good at creating chaos out of the most simple tasks e.g. cooking or being a domestic goddess. Today was no exception as I had finally given in to the lure of getting my shopping delivered from the supermarket.

It all started so well when at the weekend I logged onto and started to fill up my virtual shopping trolley. I reserved my delivery slot with Asda and browsed the aisles for the products I needed. The icon telling me how to get a cheaper version of what I had chosen was very useful at saving me money. I looked at the calorie saving swaps too but as most of what I was getting was for the children I didn't swap anything. What I didn't realise was that as I didn't checkout I lost my delivery slot - newbie error!

Having completed the latest meal plan with the kids on Tuesday I went back to the site to complete my shopping list. I managed to get the same delivery slot that I had lost before but then realised that I wouldn't actually be home at that time.. so I found a slightly later £3 delivery slot that was available. This time I successfully completed my shop and checked out. So now all I had to do was sit back and relax until tonight when it was delivered.

I made sure we were home plenty of time for a 5-7 delivery slot and stuck the oven on for tea. About 4:30 there was a knock on the door and the delivery man had arrived early in the hope we were in. Good I thought as it meant the kids could have the fresh sausages instead of the frozen ones. The man went off to start unloading the shopping and I heard a dreaded phrase shouted downstairs by my daughter:

Daughter: Mummy O didn't get to the toilet in time for a poo!!

Me: O stay exactly where you are I'll be up as soon as I can.

I quickly get the bags of shopping from the delivery boxes and ask my daughter to help put things away. I sign for the shopping (nice delivery man having chatted non-stop and told me I looked about 28 or 29!!) and close the door. Just time to quickly shove the frozen fish in the freezer before running upstairs to rescue my son.

First of all I have to persuade my son to remove all the items he has lined up behind the door to prevent anyone coming in. I then get to see that he has created a trail of poo all over the bath mat and over some of the bottles etc. he had used to barricade the door. One of these items was my brand new (unused) exfoliating gloves I had bought on Tuesday, unfortunately these did not survive and ended up being binned before I had had a chance to use them. It then took me about 10 minutes and copious baby wipes and loo paper to clean up my son, discovering in process he was wearing shorts instead of pants which had exacerbated the problem. 

With a bundle of dirty items I head down to the kitchen to shove them straight in the washing machine. As I walk into the room I notice my daughter is holding the dustpan and brush and is trying to sweep the floor. She had tried to put the new laundry products in the cupboard and in process knocked out box of powder which had sprinkled some of what remained on the floor. So I send both kids out of room to rescue mess and complete the unpacking.

Whilst trying to workout how to get all the new shopping in the fridge I had constant interruptions as my son misbehaved with Playdoh in the front room. This operation therefore took longer than necessary. Finally all was done and away and I could get on with tea.

So supermarket delivery certainly took out the stress and strains of the actual shop but I think I need to iron out the kinks! Here's hoping that next week it all goes a lot more smoothly...

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