Thursday 13 January 2011

BBC Radio Cumbria - my radio debut!

When I started blogging 2 years ago I never expected to get a telephone call from a BBC local radio station asking me to read out some extracts on air! But that is exactly what happened back in December, when, out of the blue a lovely producer from BBC Radio Cumbria called and asked if I would like to do just that for the Little Cumbria slot on the Ian Timms' show. Having agreed to do so I then had to re-tune my radio to the right frequency to hear the kind of thing that was on the slot. Until then I had been listening to a local commercial radio station (my youngest thought we lived at Ken-dal Col-lege and that the place to shop was K K K K Village!) and I was glad to find a good BBC alternative.

So early in December I found myself in the Kendal studios of BBC Radio Cumbria reading my extracts into a microphone. It was a bit like talking on the telephone but having to read my 5 extracts without mistakes was tough. I managed with only one fluff when I tried to correct a badly worded sentence on the fly! Then it was a case of waiting until the first week of January for my snippets to be broadcast.

In the meantime I had another surprise phone call asking if I would mind being phone interviewed on the Kevin Fernihough Fern on the Wireless show. They were doing an item about a decades overdue library book and wanted me as local with book connections to talk about it. I very nervously agreed and this was the result:

Then the first week of January I was featured in the Little Cumbria slot every day. I currently only have 3 of the appearances which I have put with a link to the original blog post:

I hope listening to my voice doesn't put you off my blog! At least my spoken voice was better than my singing one...

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  1. love the shows sounds like your move was a good one also i love books but dont have time to read anymoreand your voice is pretty good on the radio


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