Saturday 22 January 2011

Change4Life: Week 2 - How are the kids?

Last Saturday I set out the challenges that the Change4Life campaign suggested I should try to get my kids fitter and healthier. So how has it gone this week?

Up and About

Limit TV/Computer time to 2 hours:
Some days we have had virtually no TV at all. My daughter is finding this harder than her little brother and I have come back into the room to find she has switched the TV back on! They are finding ways to entertain themselves without resorting to just sitting there watching CBBC/Cbeebies. I have to admit that when I am trying to get chores done with the 4 year old home alone the TV was on for longer.

Have an activity day chosen by kids:
Unfortunately with me being unwell I haven't felt up to being too energetic with the kids! I did get them signed up for weekly swimming lessons at L.I.F.E.

Buy something to get the kids active:
Not done this one yet!

Change some journeys to use own steam:
This one takes some planning but my son and I walked to town from his nursery on Wednesday and then part way home. On Friday I got my son out of the house early enough to park about 1/2 a mile from my daughter's school. We then walked to collect her and walked back to the car. Work in progress but an improvement on the week before.

5 a day

The chart proved to be a great incentive to my 7 year old and in fact I think she even beat me as on some days she had 6 or 7 different fruit and vegetables!

Not sure my 4 year old was quite as impressed and it was still a struggle to get 3 different portions in him. Early days still but an improvement on the week before.

How are your kids doing?

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