Thursday 6 January 2011

Twitter Singup

A while back on Twitter I came across some fantastic "Twitter singup" videos created by Paul Steele. The basic premiss is that he gets lots of people to volunteer to video themselves singing along to his chosen song.

What a good idea I thought I know I could do that...

Fast forward to Christmas Eve when with the start of a stinking cold I recorded myself singing along to the Lion Sleeps Tonight whilst capturing it on my web cam...

Fast forward to tonight and a DM pops up on Twitter with a link to YouTube....

See if you can spot my first ever singing appearance on YouTube!


  1. This is truly a fun & fabulous video. I saw a tweet about it and glad i checked it out. Just made me smile :)

  2. Brilliant! What a Fun video! Well Done!

  3. This made me giggle so much :-) A lot of fun and well done!


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