Wednesday 19 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 8

Wow it's been 8 weeks now of listening every night to my slim, fit and chill pods. Time then to do a then and now shot:

I am amazed at the difference! My big problem area of the flabby abdomen and love handles is definitely vastly improved. This week I've noticed that its harder to get trousers to stay up properly as now are looser across my middle so I have to pull them right up to almost under my chest a la Simon Cowell. I ought to be brave and try on more of my size 14 trousers really..

I hadn't had a great week exercise wise as my bad leg prevented me from doing anything except the Race for Life. It's amazing how down I felt from not being able to exercise! So glad I managed a respectable time on Sunday despite having to stop and walk every so often to rest my calf.
Normally when feeling down I stuff my face with food. This week this wasn't the case. I may have had a MacDonald's drive thru after the run on Sunday but I didn't give in to evening grazing. I still wasn't feeling all that confident at weigh in tonight and was full of excuses. So stepping on to the scales to see a 3.5 pound loss was a real boost. Not only that but no one else had lost more!

It does show that weight loss can come in fits and starts and it's not a quick fix. My body has obviously been reshaping itself first and hopefully now the weight will drop off. Since I first started seriously trying to lose weight 2.5 years ago I've lost 24 pounds but I keep yoyoing 1/2-3/4 stone back on. This time I hope the pods have really started to change my eating habits for the better so I get slim and stay slim!

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