Wednesday 26 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 9

Afraid my chief photographer refused to do her job tonight so no lycra shot just the post workout shower look:

As you can see I am still smiling despite the fact I'm feeling a bit bloated and gained a whole 0.5 of a pound!  Its not a huge amount and hopefully will be gone again quite quickly. 

I had been pretty good this week and only really went over the top on Saturday when it has come to eating. One I've realised looking back at what I have eaten is that I haven't consumed as many vegetables as I should have done. That might help explain feeling bloated as I haven't had enough fibre. So I will be making sure I have 1 or 2 portions of vegetables or fruit with every meal...

Exercise wise I am back up to 2 runs this week. The first was along the beautiful Dales Way again on a lovely sunny morning:

It was hot one but I amazingly did my best time on the route yet. Then yesterday circumstances forced me to run around town instead of cross country. So I thought I would attempt part of the route I did for the Star Walk. There are some pretty steep hills on this section but I managed more running up them than I did on the actual night!

So now I have two fitness challenges for the next week 1) run Dales way faster 2) run up Queen's Rd without walking any of it! I am sure my fit pod will help me on these challenges.. Tomorrow I'm also getting on the bike again to fetch kids from school (though someone has told me it will be raining...).

Onwards and slimwards ...

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