Monday 17 June 2013

Race for Life: Preston 2013

Yesterday when we arrived at Moor Park for the Race Life 2013 the weather seemed ideal for running 5k as it was cool and overcast. The sea of pink was the only splash of colour:

There was a real buzz in the air as 2000 women and girls gathered together to raise over £100,000 for Cancer Research. We had a mini karaoke session with YMCA and I Will Survive belted out! Then we warmed up before doing the official Cancer Slam dance:

Then the army cadets helped us to line up as runners, walkers and joggers to head to the start line. My daughter as usual had herself right at the front I was further down the crowd. The hooter went and 2000 of us set off on the 5 km route around the park. At this point the sun came out which was fab for spectators but not for the runners..

It was a real mixture of people running of all ages and levels of fitness and in the walkers section there were plenty of buggies and people using walking sticks. But we all had one aim to help raise money to beat cancer. 

About a 1.5 km in I caught up with my daughter who was finding it tough going without any proper training. I was taking it fairly easily due to my calf muscle threatening to pull again but managed to alternate running and walking to protect it. It was a lovely feeling to be in the home straight and running towards the line with a sub 30 minute time! Then I had to wait a few minutes for my daughter to finish the race:

I love her face showing both a mixture of exhaustion and pride! She was very much in need of the restorative bottle of Aqua Pura we were all given:

She didn't even want to smile for our photo either:

We went to cheer some of the other finishers across the line. It was lovely to see people doing the event together as families and obviously supporting each other to get to the end. These were some of my favourite moments:

Then it was time to slowly make our way back across the park to the car with just time to pose for a photo or 2 on the way:

A lovely way to raise money and have fun at the same time! If you want to sponsor us our page is E and B Race for Life

We will be back!

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