Friday 14 June 2013

Feathery Friday

My window bird feeder is giving me an excuse to have another alliterative photo bonanza on a Friday! This week the birds have finally started using it but its been hard to photograph them. The instant I move close enough to zoom in they fly off... These were my first couple of attempts on iPhone and iPad:

Sparrow and Tit

Great Tit?

So today as I was preparing to tackle the washing up I cunningly took the proper camera into the kitchen. Whilst the sink slowly filled I lurked at the back of the kitchen with the zoom on! At first I just had a play:

Iris through the bird feeder

Then the birds appeared and I managed to get a few decent shots:

Checking out the menu options

Choice made

Ready for lift off

Missed that one!

Looking forward to seeing more though it will cost me a fortune in bird food!


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