Monday 3 June 2013

Family Fun: Chill Factore Tubing Party

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We all had a super time in November at Chill Factore so when I was asked to try out one of their tubing parties I was keen to go back. I have to say my 6 year old hadn't been too keen on tubing last time but he was up to going again. It didn't take long to find 7 other children aged 6-10 to come and join us and luckily a couple of other mums willing to drive over an hour from Kendal to Manchester!

At the reception we were met by a party host who immediately got the children into party mood by getting them to line up and play follow my leader to our changing room. Here he checked that everyone had appropriate outer clothing and gloves and then sorted out helmets to fit all sizes of heads. After everyone was well wrapped up we went round in crocodile to the boot area where all of us not with our own boots were kitted out.

At the front of the changing area there was a waiting section for each activity area and the party host kept the children entertained for 10 minutes we had to wait:

Then it was time to head out to the snow alongside what turned out to be a stag party! Everyone grabbed a tube ring and headed up the travelator:

This travelator kept having a hissy fit when too many of the stag party got on it but the 2 staff members kept restarting it. Since we went in November the tubing run has been adjusted so that there are now 3 runs. One is a wider one that is great for being spun on, the other newer ones have variations of bumps to make for a bouncy ride!

The staff were very good at ensuring that no-one went down the runs until the previous people had moved out of the way. They also gave them the right amount of push at the top:

When it came to my son's turn he burst into tears at the thought of going down. The host took good care of him and held onto his tube for most of the way down for his first run:

Each time he went down he was released closer to the top until on his last run he actually went right from the top on his own! The next photo is a bit blurry but it shows how much my daughter was enjoying herself:

Judging by the whoops and shrieks everyone else was having fun too! Some of the children are regular snow boarders and skiers whilst others had never been before. All of them kept on going right to the end of the 45 minute session though some did ask if they could try sledging or luging.

Here is a little video of my 2 children as they enjoyed their tubing:

A party like this with no food costs £15 per head with a group of 10. To add food increases the cost to £20 a head or for the superior menu its £28.50. We tried out the pizzas out of our pockets as it was easier to feed the children there before the long drive back:

As you can see the children soon demolished the pizzas! This was served up in the dedicated party room which was set out so that each group had its own table and chairs with seating for grown ups around the outside. There was also a good view of the slopes for any adults not assisting on the snow:

These parties are a bit above my price range but if you live nearer to Chill Factore and you want to splash out a bit then they are good fun. The good thing is no previous experience is required and each guest can go down the slope at a pace and level of scariness that suits them. Even the stag party of grown ups was having a great time tubing! The party hosts do a great job with the children and even though I was the only parent supervising close up it was very relaxing. There are other party packages to choose from including mixing several different activities or a ski taster. Definitely a bit different from soft play or hiring the village hall!

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