Thursday 13 June 2013

Reasons to be cheerful week 24 Race for Life

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week Michelle has vlogged her reasons to be cheerful so you can see and hear her telling us all about it! As for me I'm not that brave so I will stick to words and photographs! For me this week it's all about the Race for Life with only a few days to go... Here are the reasons it is making me cheerful:

1) Raising money for research

The main point of the events are to raise much needed funds to find cures for cancer. Having lost family members to varying types of cancer and seeing others battling their own illness it's an important cause for me. My daughter has previously run in memory of the Nanny who died before she was born. This year her father is battling cancer so she is even keener to do her bit. No doubt she will be coming round hassling asking friends and family for sponsorship or sending them the link to our Just Giving page. So pleased to be doing our little bit to help!

2) Quality girl time

We don't often get a lot of time to just be the two of us girls so running the event is a chance to spend time together. I had hoped we would manage some training runs together but that hasn't happened! Her preparation has consisted of digging out as much pink from her wardrobe as possible.. We have both got the new t-shirts though hers is a wee bit big and mine is a cosy fit:

We don't often wear matching clothes but this is a special occasion! I will have to get someone to take photos of us together on the day.

3) The big team

There is a big team of Aqua Pura bloggers running or walking at events across the country. It's a great feeling to be part of such a large group of women and girls (some fighting cancer themselves) that are prepared to go out and get sweaty for such a wonderful cause. We are all writing about our own experiences and reasons for taking part which are all very different. Hopefully between us all we raise a lot of money to find cures for this dreadful illness.


  1. Good luck, I have run the Race for Life in the past.

    You may want to link this post to my Smile it's Friday post to help spread the word

    Good luck and have fun xxxxxx

  2. its my 3rd one! first time I've actually been fit enough to run it ;-) wil link up!

  3. Well good luck, I'm sure you will run the whole way

    Thanks for linking up to Smile it's Friday this week.


  4. well done doing the race! I did the 10k last year.....nearly killed me!

  5. just hope my calf muscle has recovered ;-)

  6. only choice is 5k at this one! doing it with 9 yo so can't really do the big ones any way ;-)

  7. Good for you! This is so fab!! My Mom had breast cancer, as did my Auntie, so this is lovely to hear!

  8. Love the race for life, couldn't do it myself this year but a whole bunch of my friends "came to get cancer" well done you and your girl x

  9. Well done for taking part & fundraising, such an important thing to raise money for x


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