Saturday 29 June 2013

Art at the library

Our local library has a regular art club for children one Sunday a month. The only time we have managed to go is when it coincided with my book club! Today when we nipped into the library there was a special day on with the resident artist getting children to help create a haunted house backdrop for this summer's reading challenge:

Of course my children were straight in there without even pausing to roll up their sleeves! They had a lot of creative fun painting one of the house walls:

They were having such fun I had time to take out a couple of books and sit reading one whilst drinking a coffee! It took them a while but eventually they produced this:

My daughter then had had enough but my son went on to do some turrets:

It was good old fashioned messy fun:

And I had a chance to notice and admire son of the great bits of art in the library building itself:

What a great way to attract families into libraries and I hope we can make t for the next session at the start of the holidays!


  1. What a great idea and a fab way to start the reading challenge. I've seen it down here but think my daughter is a bit young to join. Anyway i think it'll be a popular one this year. Great messy fun and you're right, the art work in that library is very interesting x

  2. It's aimed at primary and above but son tried when last year at nursery!


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