Wednesday 5 June 2013

Toy Review: Trash Pack

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We were sent a range of Trash Pack collectable merchandise for my son to review:

These are aimed at children 5+ and immediately appealed to my son as they are yucky! First up are the collectable figures which come in two sorts of packs:

Once opened they each have their own trash can and unique features:

My son delighted in showing me how gross they all are! As they are rubber he also takes great pleasure in bouncing them around... Apparently there are 170 characters to attempt to collect. 

Alongside the figures themselves children can collect cards to keep in an album or play games with:

They are similar to other trading card games in this respect so I am guessing we will be able to buy them in most newsagents. The starter pack is around £4.99. On the backs of the cards are things like puke points so they can compete to find the yuckiest card.. We spent some time sorting the cards into order and putting them in the album together so it was good for my son's maths skills!

We were also sent some other Trash Pack bits including a backpack:

A colouring book:

And a card game:

All designed to keep your children hooked! The products start at pocket money prices but there are also playsets etc that would be gifts. 

I asked my son why he liked them and he said is because I find them disgusting! He hasn't got any friends who have them at the minute so he hasn't got anyone to play the games or swap with. So far he is keen to add to the collection but I do wonder how long that will last.

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  1. i see another craze about to start, they will cost a small fortune in the long run


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