Monday 24 January 2011

Becoming self sufficient - update 1

One of my targets for this year is to become financially self sufficient so I can move off from relying on benefits. This post will set out what steps I have taken so far to realise this dream.

1) A second blog

In order to hone my technical skills and work on my professional skills I have created a second blog Lakes Single Mum's Tips. On here I am putting simple IT tips and advice on researching family history. Hopefully I can work on my training techniques on this site.

2) Improving my qualifications

I have been investigating undertaking a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course. This would enable me to tutor in adult education or be a self employed trainer. I have bought some training manuals and will investigate as to whether I can get financial help to undertake the course. To get some real life experience I have volunteered to help train senior citizens in sheltered accommodation.

3) Getting advice

I have signed up to the Become a Mumpreneur course. This is giving me ideas and a focus as to how I can start building up various incomes from what I have already and others for the future too.

The Essential ‘Start Your Mumpreneur Business‘ Pack

4) Kendal Family History Services

In conjunction with steps 1 and 3 I created a site called Kendal Family History Services. This offering assistance for starting in family history and also research services. This may not go anywhere yet but at least I have created a web presence for it.

5) "Monetizing" my blog

I have worked on improving the current advertising and affiliate links on the blog. There is now a page dedicated to attracting advertisers. This may not come to much but it is worth a few minutes of my time to set-up.

6) Etsy

I am dipping my toes in the water on Etsy with a small shop to try and sell some of the photographs I have taken. Currently only one available but I will expand my lines with a new photo each week. Any suggestions from regular readers as to which photographs I include will be welcome.

Watch this space and hopefully its onwards and upwards for me in 2011!


  1. Sounds like you have some great Ideas for becoming self sufficient. Like yourself I am a single Mum and have tried to work around my children, I work part-time and am also self employed it's not easy, but with a lot of hard work and sheer determination It can be done

    Best of luck!

  2. I gave up the paid part time job a year ago as was too stressful juggling kids, work and divorce! Been dabbling in the Usborne books since but need to get myself more reliable income sources. If you need an advert or write up I offer reasonable advertising rates ;-)

  3. Fab range of activities developing! Make sure you note how much time you put into each and how much income you earn so you can work out which ones work best!


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