Sunday 2 January 2011

Bloggy Moms: Dare 2: Hopes and Dreams for 2011

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This is a slightly different take to the resolutions made yesterday and before New Year's Eve. It is about what I want to achieve or to take place as 2011 unfolds...

My daughter

I want her to settle in fully to our new lives in Kendal. She still misses her best friend P from Hastings and isn't completely happy at her new school. I would like her to continue changing into the lovely, kind and caring young lady that she is showing more and more.

My son

He will be starting school in September which is quite scary. I hope he carries on maturing nicely so that when he starts he is a popular and contented child. He is showing talent as a footballer and I hope he continues to enjoy this and improve.


When my son starts school I will be able to concentrate on getting myself a proper income and start getting off the benefits I had to sign up for last year. For the next 9 months I need to see which of my current talents I can turn into an income. The Usborne Books business hasn't really had a chance to establish itself up here due to a lack of time. In 2011 I need to see what I can do to expand this. 

I also need to see which other things I can use to earn some extra money. My previous job was in IT and I have 15 years of experience in this field. There maybe opportunities for self-employment in this field. I love helping people learn how to use computers so may have to find ways of doing that commercially. One of my major hobbies is Family History so again I may be able to use some of my 20 years experience of research to get paid to help others delve into their family history.

To achieve any of that I need to really get organised in 2011 - people that know me well know that achieving that goal maybe the hardest!


  1. There are always older people, pensioner age, who would be willing to pay for someone genuine to come to their homes and teach them how to use their PC.
    My parents live in a private retirement flat, and quite a few of their neighbours were swindled by someone who did similar, but kept messing around with little bits and pieces so they'd have to call him out again...

    Anyway, just an idea! :)

  2. The scary thing is starting up something like that! No idea how to go about it

  3. Becky, I def think there is a market for this, so many people really don't know about security, phishing etc and need help. I hope you can get something set up, best of luck with all your goals:) Jen

  4. I agree with Marylin and Jen, also an IT expert who has helped me out :) Portfolio careers are the big thing now, so perhaps you can do IT, Usborne and Family History, just a thought.

  5. Awww! Those bits about your daughter and son made me smile! Even though Oli is only 20 months I love seeing the young little man that he is changing into and I cant wait to see this grow and change (hopefully all good!) in the future! Good luck with your own personal goal! Im returning back to work but am still keeping my fingers crossed that blogging/what I do online might help bring in some more pennies and keep me at home with Oli a little longer! Happy New Years lovely!! Have a great 2011!! :)

  6. Regarding work...take a look at what The Tech Guys (the people who do customer tech support at PC World, Currys, etc) charge for basic maintenance and you'll see there's a gap in the market for someone who's capable but not insanely expensive.

  7. Good luck with your 2011 goals. Hopefully we'll be reading about what ur decision was in the near future.
    Following your blog! Please follow back @


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