Tuesday 18 January 2011

Libraries and Health

I have been thinking about how I can fit in the campaign to save libraries from their threatened closures and the main theme of my blog this month health and fitness! Here are a few reasons why libraries are good for your health:

Mental Health

Reading a good book whether factual or fiction is good for your brain and your mental well being. You can escape from the stresses and strains of your life with a novel and if you use your library you can keep on borrowing more at no cost.


Walk or cycle to your library each week when you go to return your books. A little bit of exercise added to your day will help towards improving or maintaining your general fitness and health. As a child I used to love walking to the library on a Saturday morning to get new books. And of course if you borrow your full allocation in hard backs you can add in some weight lifting too! You may also be able to borrow a fitness DVD to try it out for a week at a reasonable rate - better than buying one then finding its useless.

General Health

If you are looking for advice on diet, health and fitness then browse the library. There are plenty of books giving information on all of these. Borrow one and see it if works for you - you may find you end up buying a copy!

What other ways do libraries help us improve and maintain our health and fitness? 

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