Friday 14 January 2011

My kids menu plan for the week

As I am on a pre-packed meal plan this week I asked my kids to plan their own menu (aged 7 and 4) this is what they came up with (spelling is as my daughter wrote it down!):

monday cheese paster

tuesday chicken nuguters chips

Wendsday fish pie

thursday pees and wothels

friday fish & chips

Satday bolnaise and pees

Sunday roast cicken

Not bad for their first ever menu plan and my daughter says she wants broccoli with her cheese "paster". Though she did also ask for baked beans with roast chicken!!

Do you let your children plan their own meals?


  1. If I let my kids plan their meals the 4 year old would eat cheese 'paster' for every meal.

    The 6 year old is more sensible and adventurous so I might let her write a list on Sunday. Better than the current 'playing it by ear'!

  2. is Thursday "peas and waffles"? And is Saturday "bolagnaise and peas"?

    This is so cute :D I love it!

  3. daughter more adventurous than son!

    well done Nickie for translation ;-)

  4. Bolognese and peas... that's halfway to being a really tomato-laden shepherd's pie, isn't it?

  5. Mine are pasta monsters like Laura's but I asked Monkey to tell me what he wanted one week and it came out pretty sensible, I was surprised. He asked for shepherd's pie, curry, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and roast beef. I think we ended up having chicken instead of beef.

  6. When I first read that, I thought it was your spelling lol.

    I might let mine have a go at making their own plan - I dread to think what will be on there though ;-D

  7. I think that's a brilliant idea. I'd be scared of how much work it might be, but I might give it a go. Thank you!


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