Sunday 23 January 2011

Change4Life: Step 2 - Me size meals

So it's not rocket science our children are smaller than us so they need smaller portions of food. Excess food is turned to fat so by giving our children adult sized portions we are setting them up to overeat and gain weight. Another problem is that when they leave leftovers the adults have a habit of finishing them off. 

Here are some simple ways to ensure that your kids have portions that are the right size for them:

  • Base their portion on the relative size of your fist to theirs. 
  • Use different sized plates so that their plate still looks full but its not too much for them.
  • Don't nag them to clear their plates, it is better to serve them less and let them ask for seconds if they are really hungry.
  • Packets and bottles are often based on an adult serving size and not a child size one. Get your children to share or put some aside for later. 
  • Eating at the table without the TV to distract enables children to listen to the signals from their body saying they are full.
  • Regular meals and snacks will train the children's bodies to cope with correct portions.
  • Get them to just have a single mouthful of the foods they aren't keen on rather than forcing them to eat everything on their plate.
  • If the children say they are hungry whilst you are cooking then offer them water or juice so as not to fill them up before their meal.

For more tips and to see the questions other parents have asked go direct to the Change4Life website.

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