Tuesday 25 January 2011

A few thank you's

Back in the mists of time, well the beginning of December, I won a couple of blog competitions. Due to a combination of snow chaos and Christmas I only received my prizes this month! Both of them were well waiting for and I need to say thank you to the ladies hosting the prize draws and their sponsors.

The first one was over at Little Mummy where Argos where giving away a goodly collection of Christmas presents. It was a very exciting prize to win when you are on a tight budget like mine! In the end the prize was converted into vouchers so I can spend them on birthday presents for my children instead as they were unable to deliver before Christmas. So thank you Erica and Argos my children will be perusing the new Argos catalogue for their choice of Playmobil or Lego for their birthdays!

My second win was from Lucy at 5 Minutes Peace. As part of her review of children's Christmas books she gave away a bundle of older children's fiction. I was delighted to win these and they are added to my to read pile for the 100 Book Challenge:

Great to have a classic book by Alan Garner, a book from the fantastic Michael Morpurgo and someone new to me Alyson Noel. So thank you Lucy I will enjoy them and then pass them on to my daughter and step daughter.

Wonder what I can win next?

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