Tuesday 28 January 2014

Tick Tock: in memory of watches

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I look back with fondness on the memory of getting my first proper watch. It was new technology as my parents got me a digital watch a bit like this one:

Being able to tell the time gave children so much more freedom as we knew at what time to come home. There was also the fun of using the stopwatch function when playing games!

I was sad in the 1980s to miss out on the Swatch revolution with all their funky colours. Instead for my 18th birthday I got a sophisticated and elegant analogue watch. This was a special occasion only watch as it wasn't waterproof. Unlike my first digital watch though I do still possess it though I never seem to remember to put a new battery in it..

When I got engaged a friend gave us matching his and hers watches - though I guess they probably fell off the back of the lorry as they didn't work for very long... So I bought myself a kinetic watch so that I didn't need to worry about batteries all the time. This one I do still wear sometimes though I have to take it off to use a laptop and then frequently forget to put it back on...

So the timepiece I most often have gracing my wrist is currently my running Garmin which is rather too bulky and a bit too pink for every day use. I do think I need to invest in something that I can wear all the time so I don't have to rummage for my phone... 

It would have to be something that I didn't have to worry about getting wet or being knocked so perhaps a Casio Baby-G Shock Watch:

Do you have memories of special watches that you have been given or bought over the years?

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