Wednesday 22 January 2014

Workout Wednesday Week 3: Fitting in the Fitness

I am pleased to have drawn the winners of my competition with Thinking Slimmer so I do hope that they have great success with their new Slimpods! I have been listening to mine and trying to remember to focus on the positives... things like not wolfing down everything on my plate once messages come back from my stomach to say enough.. The clothes that were a bit tight after Christmas are all much more comfortable now. 

This week I wasn't tempted to drink alcohol and was happy with my booze free beer. Bit bored of being stuck with one beverage though so may need to get more variety for the last week and a bit.

As for exercise it was a relief to be able to get out on Friday after not being able to run much earlier in the week due to illness of one or other of us. Not only did I manage 10 km in the rain but I ran the fastest official one too:

That made up for getting wet! At the weekend I had to squeeze in some mini runs with my son as we went out and about:

Better a little bit with a total of 5km than nothing. On Monday I did my first Staveley to Kendal run for a while. I added a loop around the village first to extend the distance. My leg was niggling at me but I thought that was just the cold and thought I could run it off as I went along:

I did manage to complete the 10 km in my second best time but unfortunately I've been limping ever since.. So that's no run today then. Just hope its recovered in time for Friday though I doubt it. Onwards and slimwards next week...

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