Tuesday 1 November 2011

How not to: change an iPhone case

My poor iPhone has taken a battering over its 18 months of life and this week finally got to the stage where the power button would no longer function. All it needed was new case so I popped on to Amazon and got one quite cheap. When it arrived today I checked out this video on how to disassemble your iPhone:

It looked pretty straightforward so I got myself a nice flat work area and set to with the tools that came with the new case. Taking everything apart was fairly simple although a few broken bits of the old cracked case came out to scare me.

So now I had a pile of bits of iPhone and lots and lots of screws. It was at this point that I jogged the surface with the screws on and mixed them all up... So now to put it all back together again - I tried to rewind bits of the video to do it backwards but it didn't seem to work very well for me...

Off to Twitter I went and the lovely Shaun (@actionjaxon666) gave me lots of advice and support and helped me source out a better reconstruction video:

Eventually I managed to get everything but the vibration module back in but one screw flew off and vanished and I must have used some wrong screw somewhere as the ones I had left didn't hold the case together properly! There was a nasty few minutes when it wouldn't turn back on and then I realised the battery was flat...

So I know have a working phone but bodged together. Tomorrow I'm going to hand it over to Shaun so that he can rectify what I have done wrong (hopefully)..

Next time I'm going to leave this kind of thing to the experts ;-) At least I have another addition to my occasional series on How Not To...

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