Friday 18 November 2011

Friday Review: Space Torch Image Projector

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The lovely people at sent us a Space Torch Image Projector to try out an review on the blog. With a daughter who is really keen on science this is a great thing to have. The torch itself is very neat and comes with 3 projector discs:

It is easy to use as you slide back the catch and pop in the disc (it will only go in one way round) and then switch on the torch. If like us you find the image is blurred then the instructions on the card say to adjust the white focus ring.

There are 3 different discs each with a set of NASA images. To switch between images on a disc you simply rotate with your thumb. Below I have put in a photograph from each one that I took from my bedroom ceiling last night!


A nebuale?

As a mum one thing I like about this product is that it can also be used as just a normal torch. So if your child loses the discs you don't have to throw away the torch. I think I need to brush up on my astronomy to explain what some of the images are but it's a simple way to see some of the more important space features.

Currently on the web site this is priced at £4.49 so an excellent stocking filler price. And until 5PM today (18/11/11) its an extra 10% off! So if you have a budding NASA scientist in the family pop on over and get one today. In fact I had fun looking at the images last night in my room when the kids were in bed so it may make a fun gift for a grown up too!

If none of those appeal the company sent me a list of their top 10 suggestions for children's stocking fillers:

1.    Spiral Pets – rrp £1.99 each

These cheerful characters are made by rolling up corrugated paper and gluing them together. A fantastic way to encourage creativity, hang them up once complete to make colourful mobile decorations.

2.    Magic Choc - £4.99

From rockets to farmyard animals, this modelling kit makes an assortment of delicious chocolate treats. Feed creativity by shaping the flexible chocolate into interesting characters and objects, and then enjoy devouring the creations. The kit includes milk, white and dark chocolate drops as well as a hand wipe for lots of clean, chocolaty fun! 

3.    Racing Meerkats – rrp £8.99

With folded arms and expectant faces, these toy meerkats are impatient to start racing! Wind them up and they will eagerly scuttle around, moving from side to side as they go. The perfect stocking filler for some seriously wild fun this Christmas.

4.    Roffle Mates Laughing Animal Keyrings – rrp £5.99 each

These lovable creatures can’t wait to join in the fun this Christmas! Squeeze their tummy to hear a high-pitched laugh and get Christmas off to a cracking start. Attach them to bags, belts and purses for instant fun whether at home or out and about.

5.    Big Bunch O’ Bugs - £3.99

Jam packed with creepy crawlies, this fantastic stocking filler offers hours of beastie fun. Let the kids delve deep into the insect world with these colourful toy models and harvest a new generation of insect enthusiasts. The perfect Christmas gift to keep kids entertained and informed this winter!

6.    Hexbug Nano – rrp £8.99 each

The latest playground craze is now available in miniature form. Brightly coloured, agile and raring to go, these little creatures react to touch, scuttling across the floor or through the rooms of their habitats just like a real insect. They can even flip themselves over if they fall on their back.

7.    Eggstraterrestrial Egg Cup – rrp £6.99

Create eggs-tra special meals with this alien inspired egg cup. With three inquisitive eyes, a spotty shell and dainty green feet, this egg holder brings boiled eggs to life! Kids will love being greeted by this curious character whenever eggs are on the menu!

8.    Friendship Bracelets – rrp £8.99

Customise bracelets for friends and family with this charming decorative kit.  Containing an assortment of threads, safety pins and a helpful guide, kids can have fun creating their own symbols of love and friendship.

9.    Chimpsticks – Kid’s Chopsticks – rrp £5.99

Get up to some monkey business with these cheeky children’s chopsticks. They are held together by a silicone hinge making it easy to eat culinary favourites like noodles and sushi! Entertaining and practical, this Christmas gift puts the fun back into meal times.

10. Souper Spoon – Superhero Kids Spoon - rrp £8.99

A superhero waits at the dinner table! With a distinctive costume and flexible arms and legs, this super spoon is a comical force for good delivering spoonfuls of fun whilst encouraging children to eat everything in their bowl!

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