Friday 11 November 2011

Friday Review: Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

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My daughter was sent a couple of these to try out. Like many primary school aged children she has her own Moshi Monster and she loves playing the games and solving the puzzles on the site. The Clay Buddies are the latest associated merchandise to tempt the pocket money market!

When we received the package my daughter immediately set to at creating clay versions of 2 of the 48 available Moshi Monsters. The first of these was Katsuma which was the easier of the two to make:

Simply a case of getting the clay to the required shape and attaching the supplied cardboard  parts to complete it. She then moved on to Diavlo - this comes with instructions but judging by the final result my daughter didn't read them!

If she had read the instructions then she would have known that it was rated as a difficulty of 3 for Hard! 

These did keep my daughter out of mischief for a while in a corner of the front room. If your little Moshi fan has an artistic bent and was a fan of Playdoh then these will be a hit with them. A look around the Internet brings up prices from £2.99 for the packs and they are also available in toy shops. So they are well aimed at pocket money prices or maybe as stocking fillers for Christmas...

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