Monday 31 October 2011

Haba Mums Club: Knuckling Knights

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There is always great excitement in our house when the latest Haba Ambassador's parcel arrives! My children and I have really come to love the Haba brand toys. They always have to lay claim to whichever toy in the parcel they believe is theirs. On this occasion my nearly 5 year old son knew that the Knuckling Knights game (RRP £12.99) was definitely his.

There is a little bit of construction needed to put the game together as you have a tower which slots into the board and a trapdoor which slides out. They are all made of tough cardboard (although my son managed to tear the folding bit of the tower slightly) with great graphics on them. The game board also has a couple of extra holes in it for catching the knights:

The game was designed by a 7 year old boy called Benjamin and is therefore pretty simple to pick up and play. Each player has a different set of wooden knights and they take it in turns to roll the dice. There are 3 options on the dice:

  • 1 - place one knight in the tower
  • 2 - place two knights in the tower
  • Door - open the trapdoor

It is nice and easy to understand even for a young child as the game is for ages 4 to 99!

My son's favourite part of the game was pulling out the trapdoor and making the knights tumble down:

Some will fall down the holes but others can be returned to the players. The person who opened the trapdoor gets to capture one each of their opponents knights that are left on the board. The rest are returned to each player. There is a way to rescue a knight back from your opponent with a little rhyme when you roll a door but the tower is empty.

A round ends when a player doesn't have enough knights left to put in the tower to fulfil their dice roll. The player or players with the most knights left are awarded a coin. The game then restarts and carries on until one player has won 2 coins and is overall winner.

We liked this game as it was quick to set up and easy to learn how to play. It was also quite a short game to play so didn't test the patience of my young son too much. He was keen to play the game lots of times so I'm sure we will get lots of use out of it.

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