Thursday 6 October 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XV ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Well the sun may have vanished but I'm still smiling so I've joined in Michelle's blog hop once again. Check out all the other entries at the bottom!

1) The house

Having cleared the clutter off the book shelves in the front room I now have room for more of the books from my parent's garage! Lots of my favourite Bernard Cornwell novels that friends borrowed as a boxful are now coming back to me. I look forward to re-visiting Sharpe and other old favourites.

Other parts of the house are coming together too. My 4 year old walked into his bedroom this afternoon and said:

It's so tidy in here!

So that was a good use of my afternoon then...

2) My daughter

She is all grown up now and gone off on an overnight school trip. This morning she didn't even want me to kiss her goodbye as she traipsed into school with her Trunki trailing behind her. Just hope they didn't all get too wet up at Hadrian's Wall...

3) My social life

I have managed to squeeze an awful lot of socialising into my daylight freedom (must work on getting nights out!). I've had coffee and lunch with one friend, lunch with my aunt, a chat with another mum in the park, coffee with my church mum friends... amazed I've managed to get anything else done! This week its been great that I've had time not just with female friends but male ones so that conversations are a bit more varied! Next week is looking good on this front too...

4) Freebies!

I managed to find out about O2's breakfast packs through a fellow blipper and managed to get myself one for Saturday's England match. Looks like I'll be up very early to heat up the breakfast pie that was included though may be too early for the beer:


  1. Three very good reasons although I'm not sure about actually having to watch the football, I'd gladly have a pie and beer for breakfast.

  2. great reasons. I love the look of the breakfast pack. is that for the early morning rugby games?

  3. I think the busier you are and more varied things you do, you can fit more in! Go you!

  4. Pie and ale for breakfast sound Ok to me!! You sound like you have achieved alot this week x


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