Wednesday 26 October 2011

#TheGallery: Faces

A lovely topic from Tara this week with Faces plus a chance to win a digital photo frame! Here are my contributions.

First up my children from back in August 2009:

They are sitting on a tree branch in Alexandra Park, Hastings. My daughter then aged 5 was taking very good care of her little brother who wasn't quite 3. We had just become a family of 3 and my daughter was especially caring towards both her brother and me - shame the sibling effect has worn off now! I love them both so very much

Then my granny and my daughter:

This was taken on my granny's 98th birthday last November. It was lovely to see how close my then 7 year old was to her great granny. Unfortunately Granny died at the beginning of the year so as we approach what would have been her 99th birthday next month there will be a few tears. You maybe able to see that my daughter has inherited the family eyebrows that passed down from my granny!

That's it from me for this week. Please check the links to see all the other entries!


  1. Lovely photos. And what a special picture with yur granny, she will really tresure that as she gets older.

  2. Oh thats a picture to cherish, your daughter and granny! How beautiful and 98 years old. incredible. x

  3. Beautiful photos. I sooooo love that one with her Granny x

  4. What gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing

  5. Aww such a lovely post. That one with your Granny is definitely one to treasure.


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