Tuesday 4 October 2011

Aladdin's Cave

Way back at the start of August last year my parents kindly let me store some boxes and other bits in their garage. This turned out to be quite a lot as the 8 seater dining table and chairs from the old house won't fit in the new one! Until recently I haven't had a chance to really look at what was in the boxes and decide whether to keep, sell or throw away the contents.

Some of the boxes contain parts of sets that I have got in my new home but haven't got space for all of them. Things like the crockery where we had 8 of each plate, bowl etc we only have space for part of each set but need to retain the rest as spares. There is also a complete tea service in there somewhere! The bits that go with the food processor but I don't need for normal use are also stored in a box.

Many of the boxes are items that came out of the children's bedroom and playroom. The children cleared out some books from the room last week so I let them bring home a box of books and games. This included a lovely slipcase of the Gruffalo and other stories. It's great to be reunited with some of our favourite stories. I've also added some more of my own books back on to shelves.

With the chaotic nature of the house in Hastings there are some pretty random boxes that have bits belonging to various rooms in them. I was pleased to find the box that contained the contents of my bedside cabinet from the old house. Interestingly today I discovered a box that I missed when hunting for my spare spectacles. This turned out to be a real treasure trove of items that I've been missing for months:

  • my spare spectacles
  • my PSP
  • the ear thermometer
  • a set of 3 USB memory sticks 
I also rescued from another box my gardening gloves (no excuses for not weeding now!), a set of children's gardening gloves, the bird seed and the fat balls for putting out for the birds.

Its still a work in progress but I feel that I'm doing my bit to make a difference in clearing some space in my parents' garage! The rest will have to wait until we've moved all the bedrooms round and we can see what space we all have in our own rooms. So watch this space for more updates... all part of the New Mummy pledge!

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