Tuesday 25 October 2011

DVD Review: Peppa Pig International Day and Other Stories

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Yesterday (24th October) saw the release of the 15th volume of Peppa Pig DVDs with International Day and Other Stories this has an RRP of £12.99 but is available on the web site for £8.99 at the minute.

This is a great DVD for Peppa Pig fans with a total of 12 episodes:

  • International Day
  • Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard
  • Shake Rattle and Bang
  • Pottery
  • Mr Fox's Van
  • Biggest Puddle in the World
  • Chatterbox
  • Chloe's Big Friends
  • Edmond Elephant's Birthday
  • Gym Class
  • Paper Aeroplanes (bonus episode)

My 4 year old son sat transfixed as I hit the Play All option on the menu and let 53 minutes of Peppa Pig fun commence. I did pause after a couple of episodes but many parents will love the fact that their children have a safe, educational entertainment for their children for nearly an hour. The menu also had an option to choose one episode or the Shuffle. 

I think this Shuffle is a great idea as the DVD starts playing the whole set in random order. Brilliant for when your child wants their favourite DVD over and over again but the grown up doesn't want to listen to everything in exactly the same order again! I for one quite enjoy an episode or two of Peppa Pig and I'm sure this will be a big hit.


  1. My daughter will love this. It's definitely going on the Christmas list!

  2. I feel good to know about a Dvd which have 12 episode of peepa pig cartoon. No doubt it is big hit.

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