Saturday 29 October 2011

Saturday Review: Lite Sprites

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My daughter's face was a picture when she opened an unassuming brown box and found this selection of girlie delights inside:

They are part of a new range of toys called Lite Sprites which appeal to girls aged 4-8 with fairies, music and "magic" in the land of Lite-Topia. The Tree of Lite (RRP £39.99) is the main playset of the range. It has points to hang 4 sprites from as well as playing music, lighting up and a moving elevator amongst its features. My children took great delight in getting this to spin around and interact with the other parts of the set.

Tree of Lite with Sprites

The main sprite is Prisma and she comes with a Lite Wand (RRP £29.99) which contains 10 different light colours which it can pass on to the Tree and the Sprites. We all had fun getting it to add other colours to its library through a sensor on its base. They can then be transferred to the Sprites. There were other games to play with the wand too but the colour change was the favourite.

Lite Wand in action
There are 3 other "nice" sprites Astra, Meadow and Brooke. Each of these has her own original colour and platform to sit on. The colours can be swapped between them using a little switch. The "mischievous sprite is Bleak she can steal the colours out of the the sprites and tree and turns them white! Each of these comes separately at a recommend price of £14.99. 

Both my daughter and my 4 year old son had great fun playing with the Lite Sprites. They played with them so much I had to move them to the bedroom as the music was constantly on! I am sure that lots of little girls will be asking Santa for some of these in their stockings this Christmas... For real enthusiasts there are more little playsets which can be bought to connect to the Tree of Lite. 

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