Monday 8 July 2013

Music Review and Giveaway: Zeamu Music

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Like many parents I love listening to music with my children but find that many songs have totally inappropriate lyrics for youngsters. Songs about sex may top the charts but I don't really want my children going around repeating the lines from them! So when I was offered a chance to review a new kind of music album aimed at primary children I was very keen to give it a whirl. Zeamu Music aims to provide music that the whole family can listen to and enjoy together. The band is a range of cartoon characters each with their own distinctive look:

I put the CD on in the car and after a very short whinge about something new my children quickly got into the music. In fact we now have the CD on in the car every time they are in it with me! Just as well I've been enjoying the music too. 

Each of the tracks is about issues or life events that children can relate too. Some are serious like bullying:

My children's favourites are the funny ones about embarrassing parents and annoying relatives. Here is my daughter singing along to Relatives (whilst her brother is doing Andy Murray impressions in the background!):

It's great to have songs that mean something to my children when it comes to friendships or being left out of things. There are good messages about not needing to be the same to have somethings in common. I think the line What's the point in growing up if grown ups won't grow up may be used against me at some point! Though I've sure I'm not the kind of embarrassing parent mentioned in Doing the Robot:

This album will be our soundtrack for the summer and I'm sure it will get plenty of plays on our long drive to France when we go on holiday! 

I have been given the chance to let one lucky reader win their own copy of the album so please use the Rafflecopter widget to get yourself some entries into the draw. Competition ends at midnight on 23rd July:

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