Wednesday 3 July 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 10


I know this last week, for the first time since I started listening to the slimpod, that I let my emotions control my eating. Therefore I had a couple of days where I ate way too much and felt bad about it.


The fit pod had kept me motivated though and I managed 2 good runs this week. In fact I ran for longer without walking than I have yet managed. I've been challenged to run a half marathon next year so I need to build on this distance. This week my runs totalled 11km over 2 runs so I have a little way to go yet!


Because of not knowing whether I'd been overall good this week with my poor choices on some days I was in fear and trepidation stepping up to the scales. It was a relief to have lost 1.5 pounds which is a healthy loss in a week. It is quite interesting that I've lost less than half a stone in total since listening to the pods but my body shape has changed dramatically!


My daughter took photos for me tonight although my son sneaked into camera for one of them:


Here's to looking even better in Lycra next week!


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