Wednesday 17 July 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 11


After a gap due to missing my aerobics last week it's back to me in Lycra! This time it's a post workout selfie as my kids on strike again:



It's not been a brilliant week exercise wise as due to lack of time and an injury the only real workout I did was the Race for Life. Luckily all the picnics and refreshing glasses of cider must have been balanced out as I lost 1/2 pound over the fortnight. Not a huge amount but not bad considering!

So now I enter the danger zone - 6 weeks off work at home with the children. I nearly always gain weight over the break so its a good test of the thinking slimmer pods. Will I manage to eat sensibly and not pig out whilst enjoying time as a family...

There is going to be a bit of a pause in weigh posts as I'm shutting off the laptop and iPad for the first couple of weeks of the holidays! So you'll have to wait a while to see how I do...



  1. You're doing great. Its defo harder over the holidays and i felt like my regime has suffered as we are in week 3 of the hols and I haven't done much at all :( However, you will still be burning alot as you run after the kids:)

  2. Will take running shoes on holiday!

  3. That's a fab idea. That's the great thing about running, you can do it almost everywhere:)

  4. Yep an as long as stay on campsite or have strict turn round after 15 minutes its safe and can't gt lost... She says..


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